At Navariti Innovation we strive to bring about a real impactful change in the fields of Industrial and Agricultural Innovation. Our IoT based products and solutions are aimed at increasing productivity, sustainability of natural resources, lowering costs and labour, increasing safety of workplace and environment and better yield. Our approach is to co-create IoT solutions together with our customers and bring about business feasibility alongside technology developement.


Complete Autonomous Irrigation for Polyhouse and Open Fields

Completely autonomous and automated IoT system for Smart Farming. Smart and Complete Automated Irrigation System based on Soil moisture sensors that irrigate the field if and only when necessary and also only to an optimal level. It's a complete Automation equipment for irrigation and fertigation for polyhouse/greenhouse and open fields. The device has various sensors like T, H, Soil moisture, Rainfall, Light, water level, flow rate as per requirement. This system can be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world.

Smart Aquaculture

Aquaculture is a very profitable business but also prone to very high risks. Water quality control is very crucial for sustainable farming and profit makning. The system automatically monitor and measures all the critical parameters and takes the corrective action if and whenever required. The system also monitors feeding behaviour and diseases.

Automation for Hydroponics, Vertical Farming, Aquaponics

Due to increase in population demand of food is incraesing day by day. Thus Hydroponics, Vertical Farming and Aquaponics farming is increasing day by day in India. We have developed complete automation systems for these types of faring so that anyone can adopt this tecnhnique without taking any risk.


Effluent Water Management for Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical industry has stringent requirement imposed by the governments regarding the disposal of affluent (waste) water. Any discrepancy here can result in huge fines and even suspension of operations. Our affluent water management and control system can regularly monitor the crucial parameters (TDS, EC, DO) and can alert (alarm, sms) for remote access and control. The system can easily be customized with different sensors to suit other industries where affluent water management is a necessity.

Automation for Homes and Apartment Complexes

Quite often in the developing world the residential and commercial buildings use tanks and wells to store and supply water for daily use. Our water level monitoring and alerting system can maintain the level of water required for uninterrupted water supply by turning on/off automatically the pump (that supplies water from borewell or underground tank). The system can also alert the user (alarm/buzzer) in case the ground water level is too low.

Industrial Safety and Smart Resource Managemt

Our Industrial IoT based products and solutions coupled with BIG data and machine learning are aimed at Increasing productivity, Sustainability of Natural resources, Lowering costs and labor, Increasing safety of workplace and environment and limiting environmental pollution. All our innovations have huge market opportunities and at the same time it will have very positive impact on our society.


Take full advantage of our teams in India and Europe with varied expertise in Embedded programming, hardware debug, Agricultural engineering, BIG data and Machine Learning. From concept and design to development and deployment, Navariti Innovation can complete all the stages of the project. Serving agri-tech and Industrial IoT product companies from Europe and US Test their product/solutions in India Fine-tune their solutions to suit the Indian market Test their product/solutions in India Help them generate revenues with the right business models in India We provide technology and product development consultancy to agri-tech entrepreneurs


Sisir Chandra Jonna

Founder & CEO
Sisir is passionate about everything technology with a special affinity towards IoT and the related Data analytics. He holds a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and Masters specialization in MicroElectronics both from IIT Bombay. Sisir has 15+ years of experience in the Semiconductor Industry and worked in various roles at Royal Philips Electronics and NXP Semiconductors in Europe.

Dr. Ashim Kumar Saha

Dr. Ashim is passionate about innovation for social impactful causes. He is an alumni of IIT Guwahati and holds a Ph.D. degree from Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Dr. Ashim has more than 12 years of experience in the area of science and technology and is an integral part of the Navariti management team. Dr. Ashim is responsible for new technical innovation and new business opportunities within and outside of India.

Mrs. Suchitra

Suchitra is a Director at Navariti Innovation. Suchitra is an Intellectual property rights (IPR) professional with over two decades of experience in IPR for industry sectors ranging from pharmaceutical products, bulk actives and agrochemicals.

Mr. Chandrashekhar

Chandrashekhar is the CEO of Leiutis Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. and has a over two decades of experience in new products and management in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Vijayender Nalla

Dr. Vijayender supports Naviriti innovation in designing profitable and feasible business models for their agri-tech projects in India. Dr. Vijayender is the founder and managing director at Agribusiness Academy. Over the course of his entrepreneurial journey he has worked on several innovative food chain projects in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Dr. Rajasekhar Medapalli

Dr. Medapalli is an ad-hoc faculty at department of physics, NIT-Andhra Pradesh. Dr. Medapalli holds a Ph.D. degree from Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands. He also served as postdoctoral researcher at the University of California San Diego, USA. His research involved developing of advanced materials and controlling them with light for energy efficient information processing.

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